Adrenal Hemorrhage

Adrenal Hemorrhage |can push our bodies to the extreme.











The human body is perhaps displays evolution at its best, as not only is it able to survive some of the toughest medical conditions, but our bodies have evolved in such a way that it can withstand almost any given situation. But many times this temple of ours falls victims to many unexpected physical disorders like Adrenal Hemorrhage that can push our bodies to the extreme.

Hemorrhage of the adrenal glands is one such medical condition that can strike anytime without any warnings, and if undetected can also cause death in the shortest period of time. Which is why it is very necessary to have a better understanding of this uncommon disorder to help us fight it better, in order to lead a long and healthy life.

Adrenal Hemorrhage|Medical Definition

The reason as to why there is so little information available on the internet is because of the fact that hemorrhaging of the adrenal glands, is of those most uncommon disorders which barely effects people and the main causes behind it are unknown. However doctors and diagnosticians have been able to single out the disorder and causes under a very short definition. According to medical definition Adrenal Hemorrhage is caused generally due to either physical trauma such as an accident, head injury etc, or psychological trauma such as stress, depression, fatigue, stress, body pain etc. While the patient is suffering from this disorder, the adrenal glands start to clot which causes the hemorrhage to form in the glands. ( Similar to Waterhouse-friderichsen syndrome ) When a person is suffering from this disorder, they may undergo a lack of adrenal production, shock or even death in a few cases, which is why it is very important to commence treatment as soon as the patient is diagnosed.

Adrenal Hemorrhage

Adrenal Hemorrhage

Diagnosis & Treatment
If a patient is suspected suffering from Adrenal Hemorrhage then the most common diagnosis to determine this condition is a CT Scan, as it is able to give a clear picture of the adrenal gland and the severity of the hemorrhage. Even though the surgery is not required for psychological causes of this disorder, they do need to be treated with medication like glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoid replacement. For injury related causes of hemorrhage, surgery is required to treat this disorder but the decision for surgery is based on the severity of the hemorrhage. However people suffering from this disorder might already be required to be admitted in a hospital as the physical symptoms may become too bothersome.

No matter what may be the underlying cause of Adrenal Hemorrhage, it is one disorder that can become fatal in a short period of time. Which is why it is very important get it treated without any delay and should be kept under constant check.